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Second Avenue Multimodal Study
In spring 2019, the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission is sponsored a Multimodal Corridor study of State Route 885/Second Avenue between the 10th Street Bridge and the interchange with State Route 837 (just south of the Glenwood Bridge). This route includes the Eliza Furnace Trail, the new Blair St multiuse path through Hazelwood Green, and the Hazelwood Trail; it connects to the Duck Hollow Trail at the Glenwood Bridge. The Furnace 2 Furnace Group prepared three reports (plus one later supplement) on opportunities for improving bicycling infrastructure as public comment on this study. They are available here

Electric mobility devices, especially e-bikes
There are ongoing discussions in several groups about electronic mobility devices on streets and trails. E-bikes are only the beginning — these discussions must anticipate that the next few years will see a tsunami of electric devices in many form factors. Mary Shaw compiled a collection of resources for Policy on Powered Mobility Devices, with heavy emphasis on how e-bikes are being handled.

Onward eastward from Duck Hollow
In 2018 the five boroughs of Rankin, Braddock, north Braddock, East Pittsburgh and Turtle Creek developed and adopted an Active Transportation Plan lays out possibilities for a trail/road route through these boroughs. See especially the discussion of a potential Interworks Trail, a proposed 6.1 mile greenway that would connect Trafford, Monroeville, Pitcairn, North Versailles, Wilmerding, Turtle Creek, East Pittsburgh, North Braddock, Braddock, and Rankin via the path of the old Westinghouse Interworks Railroad. (This is shared here with permission because it’s hard to find it online anywhere else.)

Santa List
In Sep 2006, the SPC bike/ped committee chair requested a list of modest, non-capital projects that would improve bicycling in our region. The recommendations, presented as a “Dear Santa” letter have been partly implemented, but other worthy projects remain to be done. Many, but not all, of the projects are in this corridor. We include it here to give it a permanent public home.